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Game trading (or) giving those old titles a second chance...

igamenekkidigamenekkid Registered User regular
edited January 2009 in Games and Technology
Forgive me if this better suits another forum, mods feel free to move it if so....

I, like many, refuse to support the EB/Gamestop shenanigans of buying back games from gamers for pennies on the dollar, then reselling them for just $5.00 lower than the full retail price. Since taking up this stance I have off-loaded many titles through, or passed them along to friends to play.

Is there a better means of giving our previously-enjoyed (and sometimes not-so-enjoyed) games a second chance. I've tried a service, Goozex or something, but felt the service to be full of hoops that I didn't think we're all that fun to jump through. Are there alternatives? Maybe a Penny Arcade game trading ring?

If all else fails they get donated to charity before EB/Gamestop gets their paws on them...

...but there's gotta be some kind of win-win opportunity out there for such a lucrative industry as gaming?

EDIT: Maybe this should be moved to "Help & Advice". I'm not so much looking to discuss EB/Gamestop or similar rackets, I'm more looking to see what other people do with their used games.

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    ChalkbotChalkbot Registered User regular
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    I recommend Goozex.


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    troublebrewingtroublebrewing Registered User regular
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    troublebrewingtroublebrewing Registered User regular
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    LunkerLunker Registered User regular
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    There will never be an official forum-based trading ring around these parts; it's just one of those things the mods have determined is far too risky to try. Liability and such. You can put stuff in your sig to see if people want to trade here, but otherwise you should look elsewhere; has its own buy/trade/sell forum, I believe. I also used for a long while, and it was good, though you do have to be careful as you can get ripped off if you're dealing with new people.

    Goozex has been really good, though it's quite terrible if you're trying to get Day 1 new releases since, obviously, it relies on people beating games and trading them afterward. You'll wait for a loooong time. But it's really good if you're interested in older titles, and the nice part is that if you get a game there and don't like it, you can relist it, get your points back and only be out a few bucks for shipping and the trade point.

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