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Best time to buy HDTV, pre or post super bowl?

SmashismSmashism Registered User regular
So the lady and I want to pick up a nice lag-free(ish) HDTV soon. 32"-37".

Anyways, we were planning to score some open box deals after super bowl. I was wondering if it's better to get on the pre super bowl sales or wait for the post super bowl open boxes for the best deals?

What is your opinion?

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  • Fizban140Fizban140 Registered User, __BANNED USERS regular
    edited January 2009
    I think you can still find better deals on the internet than you can on open box in store deals. Just take a look at this model on Best Buy and Amazon.

    Fizban140 on
  • SmurphSmurph Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    I was thinking the same thing around Black Friday, thinking the prices would stay low because of the economy. I'm glad I bought mine before black friday because prices wound up going up by about $100 afterward. So yeah, I would buy now.

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  • ScrubletScrublet Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    The nice little price bloodbath we saw in December as retailers struggled to get black on their books is over. Prices aren't as low as they were then, and I've seen multiple articles where LCD manufacturers have expressed strong confidence that the floor has been reached. I think you're best bet is to buy now, especially since given your relatively small size you're not going to see a HUGE decrease for open box anyways.

    And that TV Fizban posted is a kickass TV, especially at Amazon's price.

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  • archonwarparchonwarp Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    I'd buy now. Any Samsung 6 series + is going to be an awesome TV. Also, don't hesitate to check B&M stores, sometimes they have sales that are better than the internet.

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