Vista Hibernation Woes

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I've searched quite a bit for a solution to this, but I've had no luck, so I thought I'd see if you folks knew anything about it.

My Toshiba Satellite with Vista Home absolutely refuses to go into hibernate mode after it's been sleeping for a while. This is my standard power saving configuration for XP laptops, and has typically been reliable. However, for this laptop, it will stay in sleep mode until it wakes itself up (killing the battery, usually). I have it set to go into hibernate after 30 mins of inactivity when it is running off of the battery, but no luck.

I found the this thread that says that this person's laptop (a thinkpad) doesn't keep track of time once it hits sleep mode, and suggests a change to a setting in BIOS, which seems to work. I've looked around my BIOS, and it doesn't seem to have this setting.

Does anyone have any experience with problems like this? After googling around, it seems like Vista is notorious for having hardware-specific issues with sleep and hibernate. I've also been checking the forums at notebookreview.com, but I haven't turned anything up yet. Any help would be appreciated.

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