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chris.afromanchris.afroman Registered User
I'm downloading a torrent of Civilization 3, but I'm a little unsure of how I'm going to get the game to work. I haven't done this before and I don't know how to use the cracking codes and all that stuff.

chris.afroman on


  • PeregrineFalconPeregrineFalcon Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    Hold on, forwarding your post to the FBI.
    ** No ROMs, Warez, or piracy of any kind! **

    Don't talk about the finer details of using ROMs, Warez, book/comic book downloading, music downloads, or similar subjects of a piratical nature.

    Yarrrr, this be non-negotiable; 'tis a request from the forum owners, in whose house ye be guests. So deal. However, this is not a ban on talking about the ethics of such things.

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    Looking for a DX:HR OnLive code for my kid brother.
    Can trade TF2 items or whatever else you're interested in. PM me.
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