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Front Panel Audio Help

Lux782Lux782 Registered User regular
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I purchased a new headset / mic combo today, a Plantronics Gamecon 377 but I am having troubles getting both the sound and mic working together.

My motherboard is a Asus P5B deluxe and is HD audio capable, the bios is also setup for HD Audio. My case is an Antec 900 and the HD Audio front panel connector is attached to the motherboard. My front panel does work for the headphones and when I plug them in audio is cut from my speakers (this is a good thing). My front panel mic jack doesn't work, it picks up nothing. Oh, I should add I do not use a sound card. I use the on board sound on the Asus P5B.

My rear panel connector does have a mic jack and that works but there is no headphone jack back there. The rear panel mic jack does pick up all the sound nicely. The issue here is that the headphone / mic combo allows a max of 4 inch distance between the headphone jack and mic jack. So plugging my headphones in the front panel and mic in the rear panel isn't an option.

I have checked my bios settings and everything is set the way it should be and I can't find any missing drivers. Does anyone have any ideas? The headset's sound and mic quality are good and they fit my head well so I would rather not have to return them.

Thanks for any help you can give

I have solved the issue. I downgraded my drivers and that seemed to fix the issue

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