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Sex! 2: Sex Harder

SarcastroSarcastro Registered User regular
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Obviously there's still an Internet's worth of material out there, so to continue with the original OP:
SEX! We all do it, or want to do it, or have strong views about it in some way or another. Or maybe you don't, and you're asexual, which is fascinating and you should talk about it!

This thread is for the discussion of sex in a frank and liberal manner. From your personal-level discussion - positions you like, things you've tried and enjoyed, things you didn't enjoy, and the reasons why - to questions and advice - condoms, birth control, getting off, getting other people off - to hilarious stories about falling off the bed, getting caught, or having your cat lick your scrotum while you're humping away. Of course, this being D&D, we will inevitably discuss the nature of sexuality, both as individuals and in terms of the broader culture.

Think of this as similar to a hobby thread about guns or cars, except it's about your junk and its adventures.

Which progressed to anything and everything about that most wonderful of personal activities.

Most recently, we were discussing what turns you on the most about the opposite sex: breasts, asses, half-dressed torsos, and shining shimmiering eyes full of happiness and delight. Nobody mentioned feet-

It's okay if you come forward on that, no one will judge you. And by non-one, I mean everyone.

No, not really.

Also, I am for lack of witty on thread titles, so contributions are appreciated. So are copy/pastes from the other thread if you want to continue on with any of the good times from that one.

And also with the current topic, I like the eyes. I'm genereally a 'composition' kind of guy, it doesn't really seem to matter what body type you are as long as its put together fairly well. But the eyes definately hold an extra bonus. I like them large, bright and expressive, filled with personaiity and curiosity, and I like to lay down light kisses on closed eyelids in the morning. Good times.

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"See," said Lucifer, "God's an asshole."
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  • LaurlunaLaurluna Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    I liked this thread's title, but there's another one started that's actually catching replies.

    Collaborations and such GO!

    On-topic: As long as a girl takes care of herself(weight-wise/hygenic) from the neck down doesn't overly matter. As was said in the other thread, I'm spending so much more time looking at a woman's face than anything else. Chest/legs/butt/hips/whatever else aside, so long as she's got pretty eyes, and great smile, and a pleasent face, there's really not much that can be said about the rest of her.

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    I didn't see the other thread, mostly cuz it didn't exist while I was making this one. But I like the other one better to so weeee! and


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    Edcrab wrote: »
    "See," said Lucifer, "God's an asshole."
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