Ani-Movie:New Christmas Gift For Comic Geeks?

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I was checking out some cable channels and ran across this commercial for this interesting little gadget called Ani-Movie, labeled under the Marvel Heroes tag. It's kinda like one of those old-school animation cameras but set up digitally for play on your TV or monitor of choice. You can take cutouts that come with the device or make your own or use action figures supposedlly and make your own little movies. Not sure if it'll ever produce anything that can beat any of the old Marvel animated series or even Robot Chicken, but I thought I'd let you guys know about it, especially since there has to be a way we could post any movies made by it on the internet for our viewing pleasure. Here's a couple of links to see what it looks like. Love to see what straight or twisted projects we could come up for it. :)


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    I'm so glad I'm paying $75,000 for college!

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