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jQuery UI trickery (nevermind, lock)

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***edit: nevermind, I found the docs on a different part of the site. Of course putting a link to the docs on the demo page for the effect would be silly! For the curious, property set { active: -1 } to begin with all closed.***

I'm using the jQuery UI package for a site I am working on. The client has requested that some of their content be accordion-ized.

jQuery performs this admirably, but with their Accordion effect, they always start the page off with one of the accordions being shown (usually the first one).

I can't find a good API for their stuff, but in short I am trying to find a way, either by method call or property setting, where I can force all of the accordion areas to start collapsed.

In my vague Google searches, I see the toggle() method come up quite a bit. I do not know if toggle() is some sort of polymorphic method that I can call on any object, but even still, what do I call it on?

You don't really get an object out of the jQuery UI assignments to perform actions upon.

Any help or links would be deeply appreciated.

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