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For Ep3, Inventories that work like D&D4 powers

asdfffasdfff Registered User regular
edited February 2009 in Penny Arcade Games
(cross posted for your input)

I think it would encourage more gameplay and planning to have an inventory system where your inventory "levels up" alongside you.

* For example: at the beginning of the game, you could have access only to a few bandages, a bomb or two, and maybe one of each buff, but eventually after gaining a few levels, you get to store multiple buffs, debuffs, and other whatnots.

* Then, to go along with this, the inventories should be more like "per-encounter" powers in D&D4e and refill after every fight like the HP.

I found that before the last few encounters and final bosses in each Ep, I just ran back and forth between areas anyways, smashing open boxes to refill my inventory. It would be great if I could just bypass all that and just jump into a fight knowing that I'll have to be strategic in my item use.

What do you think?

asdfff on


  • ChokeholdChokehold Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    Let's be realistic, though. This is to be set in an actual year of Man, not in a fantasy world.

    What I generally mean is, it's not like your jacket automatically expands and gets more pockets because you buff up a bit from working out.
    I personally like how the inventory is now, although I'd love seeing some sort of item shop and currency solution. This, however, is more of an RPG trait, rather than adventure.

    Don't get me wrong. The gameplay and all systems are way OK with me as they are now.

    Chokehold on
  • demitriflameggdemitriflamegg Registered User new member
    edited February 2009
    You're idea would simply make the game far easier. In episode 2 I have it set on high difficulty and have basically walked through the game with no real problems, using minimal to no items.

    demitriflamegg on
  • asdfffasdfff Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    It's not really making the game easier--I'm sure the games can be balanced so that X number of "powers" (items) are used regularly. How often have you waited for someone's special attack meter to fill before weak-saucing trash cans (hobo alley)?

    One can also say that having HPs refill between fights made the game too easy. Now imagine never having to screen-spam for boxes to break for when weak sauces run out--it's just streaming the game.

    asdfff on
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