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Hello all!

So, I recently applied for a technical support analyst position within my company. I will be having the interview for the job in a few weeks and will hopefully get the job. I would consider myself above average when dealing with computers. I have good working knowledge of most of the systems that will be needed for the job. However, I would like to get some sort of certifications that will help me with my future progress. The below list contains the job functions, can you please provide me with and suggestions on courses or certifications I should be going for?

- Meets with division or section heads to review nature of request as it relates to microcomputer application or geographic information systems or other technical systems.

- Analyzes and reviews existing software and hardware capabilities; recommends new or alternative methods to meet requirements.

- May design, develop and operate relational data bases to produce complex statistical information needed in the production of graphs, charts and maps as supportive data and professional visual presentation.

- Provides software and hardware support to microcomputer terminal users; analyzes and develops department’s automation requirements.

- Prepares and produces statistical reports, proposals and other special reports as needed.
Ensures and maintains network systems within a department.

- Reviews and implements microcomputer and mainframe interface requirements.

- Consults and advises other staff members regarding system usage, planning, upgrading and trouble shooting.

- May design and produce - through mainframe resident data-statistical reports via ad hoc reporting utility.

- Participates in long range strategic planning and provides technical support as required.

- Serves as a liaison between other departments and outside entities regarding utilization of geographic information system and provides user support on microcomputer software or hardware problems.

- Coordinates and may implement systems training of other departmental personnel as needed.

Thanks for any help that you can provide

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    If you don't have it already then:



    if you're going to be dealing with servers.

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    It's really dependent on what your company actually uses. If you use Linux-based software, then get some Linux knowledge as linked above. If it's a Windows environment, than some MS certifications would be good.

    Some ideas:
    WinXP/Vista desktop certification (prove you know your way around the OS - XP if your corp stuck with it, Vista if they upgraded)
    Server 2003/2008 Managing and Maintaining (if you run Windows based servers - again 2003 if you use that, or 2008 if they are using the latest)
    Implementing and Managing an Active Directory Environment (if the company uses AD)
    Network+ (get some knowledge about networking)
    If you use Cisco network products, you could get some Cisco certifications

    The biggest thing you want to do is see what is currently in use, and what interests you the most, and go for a complete certification with it. Microsoft has many different paths to becoming certified, and once you hit those higher certifications (especially Enterprise level), you can take that with you to any job and it should really help you become a valuable employee (and raise possible salaries). Also, say if you are currently using 2003, learn that, and then start getting some knowledge about 2008 to give your employers confidence that you can provide support for future products they may use (and you can also try to talk them into upgrading for nifty new features).

    See if your company offers to pay for continuing education as well. And if you can swing it, try to take some courses rather than just buying the books and taking the test.

    If you take Microsoft tests, check to see if SecondShot is available before you pay for it. If so, it allows you to retake a test if you fail the first attempt.

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