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I need a specialized WiFi manager

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Hello, I'm in need of a Wireless Connection Manager for Vista that enables you to easily edit the SSID of a network. This feature was totally possible in XP's built-in Wireless manager but apparently completely absent in Vista's (I have Vista Ultimate 32-bit). I'd prefer a freeware program, or barring that one with a low cost.

For anyone who's curious here's where I explain why:

I'm attempting to use Xlink Kai to tunnel my Ad Hoc Connection on my PSP in order to play games originally intended for local multiplayer over the internet with anyone else using Xlink Kai. Now I've done this before without a problem for other games, but keep in mind that each and every game has it's specific quirks with regards to how it handles SSID. Enter Phantasy Star Portable, which apparently has the nasty habit of changing it's SSID once the leader leaves the party lobby and actually starts the game. The change isn't particularly difficult to get a handle on, it basically tacks on 8 random alpha numeric characters to the pre-existing SSID.

I have been able to successfully host a game of Phantasy Star Portable with people using XP as their OS, as leader I was able to get ahold of the new SSID, transcribe the 8 digits into Kai's chat, and from there they quickly copy and pasted them to the pre-existing SSID under it's properties window in XP. I cannot do this with Vista, leaving me unable to join (only host) and preventing me from grouping with friends who also have Vista.

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