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iPhone alert infuriation

tbloxhamtbloxham Registered User regular
I'm sure many of us own iPhones, and that many of us keep them in our pockets. Some subset of us probably are like me, and are loathe to do anything which is against the instructions of the manufacturer and jailbreak our iPhones. And lastly I'm sure a lot of us use our phones to manage our calenders.

If your like me you will be aware of the scourge of the iPhone experience, absurdly quiet and short SMS and appointment alerts. If you set an appointment on iPhone it will give one or two warnings, which can only be as close to the actual time as 5 and 15 minutes before. Each is a short double beep, and a very weak buzz from the vibration system in the phone.

Now, sometimes I have appointments and reminders for which this is OK. But usually I set an appointment because I don't want to forget about it. I want the option to set that phone to do everything but explode in my pants pocket and punch me in the face to remind me. Continual beeping, continual buzzing until I dismiss it, and I want it to have the option of happening at the time of the event, not just before.

Now, I know there is no app for this, because it would require it to run in the background. I know I can't change alerts without jailbreaking. So why do I post here? Because I'm sure some of you share my infuriation with this otherwise excellent phone being made most annoying by this and I'm sure at least one of you works for Mac. We have representatives of every other company here on these forums. I want you to go down to the iPhone department right now, and say "Hey guys, next update, option in settings to say "Continue to alert until dismissed" for SMS and Calender alerts"

You have object orientated code right? It will be 10 minutes work and can be distributed in a 5 kb patch.

Seriously, go do it, go do it right now.

"That is cool" - Abraham Lincoln
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  • ObsObs __BANNED USERS regular
    edited February 2009
    Consider it done.

    Although for some super important appointments you could set an alarm until this is fixed.

    Obs on
  • Moe FwackyMoe Fwacky Right Here, Right Now Drives a BuickModerator mod
    edited February 2009
    This isn't your personal blog, so what exactly was the point of this thread?

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