Microphone Issues.

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I have a logitech Clearchat pro USB microphone and I use it on vent and it is crystal clear. If I open another application I.E WoW then It breaks up alot, if I minimize WoW or the application I am using at the time it clears right up. What should I do I have a T3642 Emachine with Vista 32 SP1. Also My friends voice break up bad as well when app is open but not minimized.

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    killa283killa283 Registered User regular
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    I'd try a non-USB mic.

    I've never had anything go well with USB sound. Ever.
    Plugging in 3+ things plus USB speakers causes most motherboards to send out terrible sound through USB.
    I'm guessing microphones don't get too much love when theres more than one USB item being used along with the mediocre processor.

    But that is just what I think.

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