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So... what? This isn't rumor control.

What is the wildest thing you have heard about the new Xpansion?
What do you want to see?
What can you tell us that we are going to tell our friends like its freaking gosspel despite the fact that we read it here.

Here's one, just for starters.
Supposedly, the next pack (4.+) is going to overhaul the graphics engine a tiny little bit... since Blizzard and Squaresoft Media are going to be patnered up to take full advantage of the upcoming game package. In cirtain circles, this venture (propelled forward by the decline in the economy effecting the overall sales market) has been slated to come out in 2011 with a new rift center based in the non-specified region between Fellwood and Azurah. Consiquently, the newest weapons and armor teirs will be totally new upgrades designed by Squaresoft gaming engineers under the specifications provided by Blizzard. While we are looking forward to the upgrades, we are surely going to be pleased with the graphic enhancements and spell effects of the combined effort.

Also slated to come out of this deal is a makeover for the following classes: Tauren, Forsaken, Orcs, Trolls, and Humans. The enhancements are said to make the races appear more reminiscent of the standard used by Squaresoft in its console Final Fantasy games (FFX-present). Sources say that the paid "Character Re-Tool" was the precurser to this option coming to pass. It is rumored that once the changeover patch set into place, the "re-tool" option will be added in limited feature enhancement in game, much like "The Barbershop". This feature is likely to be added to the same interface platform, though with a "Makeover" function that includes changing facial features. Rumors that this is potentially going to lead to a "Plastic Surgeon" funtion allowing characters to change sex, skin color, or body type are said to be false leaving this as an integral funtion of the paid "Re-Tool" feature now offered by the site.

One idea floating around the mill that has yet to be addressed, however, is the addition of the "Body Art Parlor". Much like "The Barbershop" feature, the "Body Art Parlor" will allow individual character to make certain body modifications to their characters ranging from tattoos to bodypiercing. Some of the outrageous ideas have ranged from full sleeves, murals, and even implanted horns or tusks in races that have neither. While this trend would keep many players busy to say the very least, surely the staff of these companies will look to outside help when getting ideas for bitmaps and skins for the addons.

From a friend of a friend of a friend

**What have you got?**

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