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I have decided that I don't already spend enough time on the forums, and wish to GM an Play by Post RPG.
The great thing about these guys is the lack of story behind them. I decided to throw my hat into the ring and use them for something.

I'm taking four people for this game. As a warning, I have limited hours. I get off the computer at 9:30 P.M. EST every day, and wake up at 6 A.M. EST during weekdays, only to go to school and stay there until I get home at 3:30 P.M. EST. Also, I won't be able to use the computer before 1:00 PM EST on Sunday. I should be up around 9:30 EST on Saturday. Other than these times when I'm definitely unavailable, I should be on the computer and able to respond to your actions.

I recommend using Invisible Castle for dice rolling. You don't have to link to the roll, but it would be appreciated if you would.

Game Mechanics

Character Creation:
  1. Pick an Animal
  2. Name your Beast (Animal name or word related to animal, and meaningful adjective, ex: War Weasel)
  3. Choose Arm Style (Two symmetrical arms, one grabbing arm and one natural arm, one grabbing arm and one mechanical arm)
  4. Choose either Battle Beast or Laser Beast for type (Cosmetic differences: BB's have black squares on chest, LB's have orbs in their chest. Weapon Differences: BB's have short range melee weapons, LB's have long range laser guns.)
  5. Describe Beast (skin/scale/fur/feather color, armor color, where armor is positioned, general description of armor)
  6. Describe Weapon (BB's have melee weapons of all shapes, LB's have a shape of their animal type on their gun)
  7. Choose Element (Fire, Water, or Wood) Fire beats Wood, Water beats Fire, Wood beats Water.
  8. Roll for Health (D20)
  9. Roll for Element Power (d20)
  10. Roll for Weapon Power (d6)
  11. Roll for Secondary Hand Power (d6)
  12. Roll for Speed (d6)
  13. Roll for Defense (d6)
  14. Roll for Intelligence (d6)

Repeat steps seven through fourteen every time you level up.
If you're wondering why I'm asking for a description, you'll see when the adventure is done.

Definition of Stats:
Speed determines your attack order or the ability to run away from battle. If the enemy has seven in Speed, you have eleven, and your buddy has five, you attack first, then the enemy, then your ally. If your Speed is greater than your enemy's, you may run away and not fight.

Attack determines how much health is taken away when you declare an Attack on a target. There are two types of Attack, Weapon Attack and Arm Attack.

Depending on whether you are a Battle Beast or a Laser Beast, your range is affected. If you are a BB, you can only attack if you are within six feet of your opponent. If you are an LB, you can only attack if you are greater than six feet away from your opponent.

Your Defense reduces the amount of damage you take from a normal Attack.

Your Element has one of three effects: If your Element beats your opponent's, deal an amount of damage equal to your Element Power to your opponent. Defense is not applicable. If your Element is the same type as your opponent's, they gain an amount of Health equal to your Element Power. If, after hit by your Element they have more Health than they started out with, they become Overcharged. (This will be explained later) If your Element is weak to the Element of your opponent's, nothing happens. You do not know your opponent's Stats ever. Their Element Type is revealed after either he attacks with his or you attack with yours. You may only use an Element Attack once per battle, so choose when to use it carefully.

Your Intelligence determines how many turns it takes until you go Feral. (This too will be explained later)

Leveling Up:
You Level Up after you gain 100 experience points. Points will be distributed based on what you do during battle by myself.

Bonus Mechanics:
Overcharging occurs when a Beast has more energy than they can easily handle. The effect lasts an amount of turns equal to the Beast's level.

Going Feral is when animal instincts overthrow a Beast's intellect, causing them to lose the ability to differentiate between ally and enemy. You go Feral after an amount of rounds equal to your Intelligence, and you stay Feral for an amount of turns equal to your level. At the start of your turn, roll a d20. If you get an 11 or higher, you may function as normal. If you roll a ten or lower, the GM chooses what your Beast does.

Short Battle Example:
L1 War Weasel vs L3 Knight Owl
Health: 17 vs Health: 44
Speed: 6 vs Speed: 13
Weapon: 5 vs Weapon: 9
Arm: 4 vs Arm: 11
Defense: 6 vs Defense: 12
Intelligence: 3 vs Intelligence: 18
Element: 20 vs Element: 15
Type: Fire vs Type: Wood

Knight Owl attacks first. He uses his Arm on War Weasel. War Weasel takes five damage, and is now at 12 health. War Weasel uses his Element, and Knight Owl takes 20 damage, leaving him at 24 health.
Knight Owl uses his Weapon. War Weasel is now at 9 health. War Weasel uses his Weapon, but Knight Owl takes 0 damage.
Knight Owl uses his Arm, and War Weasel takes five damage again. he is now at four Health. War Weasel goes Feral, and attacks with his Weapon again. Alas, no damage is taken by Knight Owl.
Knight Owl finishes poor War Weasel off with his Arm. War Weasel is defeated, and is knocked out.
He stays knocked out for about a day, and any comrades he has will have to lug him around until he wakes up. He may take no actions until 24 hours after his defeat.

At Level 5, you have the ability to use Sleds, Chariots, and Drills. Sleds increase Speed, and can carry either one or three Beasts depending on the type of Sled. Only BB's can use Sleds.
Chariots increase Speed and Defense. They can only carry one Beast, and are only usable by LB's.
Drills increase Speed and Weapon Attack, and can carry one Beast. These are usable by both BB's and LB's.

At Level 10, you have the ability to use Bases. These boost Defense and both types of Attack in Base mode, and they boost Speed in Transport mode. Only Beasts of the same Element as the Base can use a Base. Base mode has both long range and short range weapons, so you don't need to worry about range when using Bases.

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  • AntimatterAntimatter Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
    A human government made the Beasts using genetic engineering and state-of-the-art mechanical implants to fight two invading forces of Non-Biological Entities who used Earth as a battlefield for their escalating conflict. Unfortunately, the experiments failed, and the Beasts were jettisoned into space so as to never harm Earth. The ship containing the Beasts crashlanded on an empty planet, and they made it their own. They divided into three tribes, each based on the three power sources they used. The power cores are interchangable, and tribe membership changes often based on feuds and skirmishes with other Beasts. The cores can wreak havoc against armor powered by an opposite type. There are rumors of a fourth core, nicknamed Sunburst. Effective against all types, weak to none, no one knows who could possibly possess it. Whoever it is can imitate other cores perfectly. The Fire Tribe Beast known as Laughing Hyena wishes to seek out the Sunburst warrior, and has recruited warriors from other tribes to help him. He refuses to fight until he discovers the Sunburst Warrior, then he will attempt to defeat him personally in combat. The players act as his bodyguards, defending against other Beasts who attempt to stop his quest. Note that if your Intelligence is higher than an opponents, you might be able to convince him not to fight. This Beast may later communicate with you, giving you hints to find Vehicles, and potentially the Warrior.

    The Planet Beest [tiny]I didn't make up the name, I swear[/tiny] is divided into four areas: The magnificent Volcanic Plains, the majestic Eternal Forest, the mesmerizing Crystal Ocean, and the malignant Shadow Caves. The caves contain tunnels that lead from place to place, though few travel through the caves. Not because of fatalities, of which there are miraculously none on the entire planet, but because of a negative aura that permeates through the darkness and even around the edges of the opening. Each above ground area has various villages, towns, and cities that contain Spirit Statues, places of worship that are shaped as the Embematic Elders, Shark, Beetle, and Phoenix, as well as Shops where you can buy Vehicles and heal. There is one major City where the areas are connected, known as the Nexus. There is no fighting in the Nexus, and this is where the adventure begins.

    Antimatter on
  • fadingathedgesfadingathedges Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
    hehe this is hilarious.... I was just remembering these things like yesterday/the day before and thinking how they would make a good phalla basis. Can't commit to this but I will follow along :)

    fadingathedges on
  • AntimatterAntimatter Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
    Battle Menu:
    Weapon Attack
    Arm Attack
    Element Attack
    Defend Ally (Take all damage an ally would take this round)
    Run Away

    Antimatter on
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