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Trying to get information re: my college and the FCC

Mike DangerMike Danger "Diane..."a place both wonderful and strangeRegistered User regular
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Once upon a time, we had a real FM radio station here. Then, one of the DJs went and did something stupid, and we lost our license. I'm trying to find more information on the incident and how we'd go about getting relicensed, but I can't seem to get anything. Asking around here has proved fruitless, as the radio station treats it as a taboo topic for some reason. I searched the FCC's site, but didn't seem to get anything.

Are there some kind of FCC meeting minutes that I could look for? I'm getting more and more curious about this considering how little information I've found.

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    EskimoDaveEskimoDave Registered User regular
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    Have you contacted the FCC?

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    kaliyamakaliyama Left to find less-moderated fora Registered User regular
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    What search terms did you use? Everything in this post took me five minutes to find - i'm not being snarky - let me know so I can help you search more effectively and independently next time.

    FCC orders and rulemaking info from 1999-2008 are at
    There are more docs at

    Failing that, I would search the federal register for the decision - it's online for some years at, and full copies are at your nearest federal depository.

    Otherwise, for the media bureau, is your starting point. I might call them to see if they can help you find what federal register to start in, though I have no idea how helpful they'll be. I expect anything in the register is going to be a summary of the complaint and the rest - if you want the detailed information or the case file you'll probably have to file a FOIA request with the FCC.

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