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I'm wanting to create a new Forum sig (possibly for use here at PA, but mainly to use on my guild forums for WoW).

My idea for a matching Avatar/Sig is that I want to use Gir from Invader Zim. For my Avatar I found a good pic and I want to keep it simple.

For the sig, I'm thinking I want to go animated. I found a great animated dancing Gir at this site:

But I'm not satisfied with just a dancing Gir.

For those of you who are more talented at PS than I am, is there a way I could plop that animated GIF on top of a background with some text? My concept is that I want the monkey face in the background that pops up occasionally on Invader Zim. Then I want the dancing Gir on top of that with the phrase "I'm dancing like a monkey!" that he says in one of the episodes.

I've got a novice amount of skill with PS, enough that I can do basic image manipulation but I don't know anything at all about animation. Is my concept even possible?

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    Try putting your donger in a dishwasher and see how that comes out.
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    Ahh pardon me. I don't come into the art forum often. My apologies. I will repost in the thread you linked. Mods feel free to kill this thread.

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