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Sebiel's animation thread

sabyulsabyul Registered User regular
edited March 2009 in Artist's Corner
Hey guys. I'm a 3d animator or something, I guess. I'm graduating this May. Let's talk about my reel!

For non-youtube compression, you can check it out (as well as the list of my actual responsibilities and such) at .

To sharpen up my reel, I think I'm gonna have to animate some non-work stuff on my own time. Here are some ideas:

- Animals. I don't have a single non humanoid on my reel... though I'm animating a shot on a short with a huge alien bug. A short test with a small dog or a big monster would be really nice, I think.
- Hand-to-hand combat between two characters. Probably the most efficient way to show my ability to create both credible action and reaction, and also give me some space to do some camera animation too.
- Dialogue / acting tests. I actually had one in there before, but it was irrelevant to the interests of the position I'm in now, so I had cut it out. It was bad anyway.
- "Weight" test animations. Everyone's done the box... maybe someone jumping a fence, or doing some Prince of Persia pole-swinging?

Discuss! :D - Specializing in high quality fighting game video content
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    thejazzmanthejazzman Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
    I had no idea you worked on shotgun sunrise, I did too heh. I've already see your zombie animations up close and personal while playtesting heh

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    r-jasperr-jasper Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
    i woulf suggest doing the dialogue and done to death box lift, wall jump stuff. i proabably wouldn't bee too worried about animating the camera.

    just a couple of things i noticed. the guys foot at around 0:09 and 0:12 rotates while there is still wieght on the leg. it's only a small thing. but if i noticed it chances are employees will too.

    i think with the guitar guy that you should really speed up his fall. or have him ease into it so that he lands pretty quickly. at the moment it looks a little too floaty.

    r-jasper on
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