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Denver on foot at Night

locomotivemanlocomotiveman Registered User regular
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I'm considering going to a conference in Denver in a couple weeks. How is the area between the Denver Medical Heath Center and the Grand Hyatt on Welton on foot at night? This would mean walking up Broadway past the capital and then to 18th street and going over to Welton.

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    Casually HardcoreCasually Hardcore Once an Asshole. Trying to be better. Registered User regular
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    That's a fairly long walk, but it's safe enough. I recommend riding a bike, and there is 'rent-a-bikes' offered in Denver. Though if you do ride at night, use a taillight and a headlight.

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    clsCorwinclsCorwin Registered User regular
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    The mall shuttle that goes up and down 16th street is free and runs very, very often.

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    NinyuNinyu Registered User regular
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    Actually, I just read an article about how bad the crime rate is right around the capital area at night. You might want to stick to lighted areas and take the bus when possible.

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    DeadfallDeadfall I don't think you realize just how rich he is. In fact, I should put on a monocle.Registered User regular
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    The capital area is actually pretty well-lit. Broadway can be a bit shady in some parts, but it's doable. There are usually a lot of people in the area anyway. Especially if you go out on a weekend night, there are usually a ton of people out on Broadway heading to bars.

    I've never had any problems riding my bike down that area, even at night, but I'm usually with someone else. Just be aware of your surroundings like walking at night in any other city.

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