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What is the book I am thinking of? [SOLVED]

Lux782Lux782 Registered User regular
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I sadly don't remember much but I figure with all of the minds on the internet someone might have an idea.

- Its mainly set in the future were there are no adults, just kids.
- There are a set of siblings, a brother and a sister and the sister makes sure that her brother is taken care of. The sister was always looking for food and health stuff.
- There are groups of children that act like gangs.
- For some reason I remember a can opener?
- I think the author is female and it won a Newberry.

If you have any ideas throw down some titles and authors. Anything will help.

Edit. I found out what the book was after much searching. Figures I find it shortly after posting here.

The Girl Who Owned A City, by O.T. Nelson

Lux782 on


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    PolloDiabloPolloDiablo Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
    Is it The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm, by Nancy Farmer?

    PolloDiablo on
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    NightDragonNightDragon 6th Grade Username Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
    Holy crap, I loved that book. Thanks for figuring it out, OP! I've been wondering myself what the title was for awhile, haha :P

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