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Persona 4 Endurance Run on Giant Bomb *Yip*

Medium DaveMedium Dave Registered User regular
edited March 2009 in Games and Technology
It’s Jeff Gerstmann and Vinny Caravella, formerly of Gamspot and now at Giant Bomb, MST3King Persona 4. It’s fantastic.

Persona 4, while a damn fine JRPG, is also nuttier that a shithouse rat and is perfect for taking the piss out of. Starting from the first episode is good for joke continuity and general Nanakoness, but the 3rd episode is when it starts to become mighty. Also, they really kind of suck at the game which makes it even better, especially if you’re an anal JRPG nerd and it gives you pain to watch them fuck up in battle and fuse the wrong Personas and skip Social Links.

Personally, I find these a great way to start the day and get a good laugh. *Yip!* They just hit number 36 today and post 1 a day during the work week. It’s about 12-45 minutes of golden each day. There's a tab above the video called "Endurance Run" and that tab has all the episodes listed under it.

I wasn’t really sure where to put this, seeing as the Persona/Shin Megami thread is awesome, but pretty much for just Persona/Shin Megami hardcores and this transcends genre because it’s fun for those who like JRPGs and those who love to see someone make fun of JRPGs. And Japan.


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    Fatal3RR0RFatal3RR0R Registered User regular
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    I happen to be one of those JRPG nerds that ends up shouting at the screen whenever they do something really stupid. But still admittedly it makes for much more laughs and entertainment. I just worry about them getting frustrated with the game and giving up.

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