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Help me buy a laptop in 4 hours!

Valkyrie NovaValkyrie Nova Registered User
edited April 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
So while at school today I got a text from my boyfriend's technology repelling mother telling me that she needed me to find a laptop for my boyfriend for school (he goes to a technical school and is doing visual communications). I texted her back and said no problem, figuring it was surprise for him or something, and then she informed me that we needed to go to Fry's/Best Buy or whatever and get it today, before taxes go up.

Here's where you come in: please help me. I have no idea where to start looking or even what to get, I just agreed because I thought I was helping to get a present! According to her she is going to be using it while he's not at school, and like I mentioned earlier technology in her care for more than a few hours tends to commit suicide, or at least attempt to. So I need a laptop that can run 3d studio max and photoshop cs2, can play Pirates of the Caribbean online and be somewhat Mom friendly to use. And be common enough that I can pick it up at the store in about four hours. D:

Any recommendations are highly appreciated; she wants to get something "top of the line" and her only other qualification is it can't be a Mac. thank you all in advance!

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