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Xbox Live Outage?

Ziac45Ziac45 Registered User regular
edited April 2009 in Games and Technology
So I didn't notice a thread on this so I think it might just be an isolated problem. But my friends and I kept trying to get some online gaming going tonight and no matter the game we can't all join the same room. Left 4 dead, Call of Duty, Gears it will always say connection failed for at least 2 of us. We are located all over the US so it isn't just a local community thing, was wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

Ziac45 on


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    ViscountalphaViscountalpha The pen is mightier than the sword User regular
    edited April 2009

    seems it must be on your end. I wouldn't fully count on the internet being stable for the next couple of days to a few weeks either. That Conficker botnet is still running loose on the internet which would mean, all bets are off. was hit recently but who knows what else will get attacked. It's most likely a config error or your ISP dropping the ball . There's many possibilites but the most likely one is your connection or your ISP's being stupid.

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