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Searching for treasure in a Blue Collar sea

DasHanselHMDasHanselHM Registered User regular
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Probably responsible for shutting down mom and pop stores across the country and ruining family run businesses that have been around since your grandparents wore diapers.

That is not the point of this thread.

Around here, the only store that is open when the bars close is Walmart. So when you are all sauced up and absolutely need to buy a family sized pack of toilet paper at 3 AM there is no substitute. Last night I found some treasure:

For only 20 dollars it was a steal.

So I go home and go to bed. Wake up this morning and open up my booty, and what do I see?

Damn, the DVD and BluRay for only 20 bucks.

So SE++, what awesome products have you found for a good price? Or you can bitch about Walmart destroying the 'murica we love so much.

TLDR: Tell us about the best deals you have found.

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