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Possible computer virus

HermusHermus Registered User regular
edited April 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
Alright, I've got some computer trouble. The last couple weeks, I've been getting popups fairly regularly, which used to be an EXTREMELY uncommon occurrence. They have been really annoying, but I just close them and continue on with my life. However, starting a couple days ago, whenever I turn my computer back on, I get three popups, each with the heading "RunDLL" on them. One says "Error loading C:\ProgramData\misozohe\misozohe.dll," another says "Error loading C:\ProgramData\hakojome\hakojome.dll," and the other says "Error loading C:\ProgramData\nikezeva\nikezeva.dll." All are followed by the statement "The specified module could not be found."

Now, I don't know shit about computers, but it seems like something might be wrong here? Any ideas/suggestions?

Hermus on


  • Seattle ThreadSeattle Thread Registered User regular
    edited April 2009
    Yeah, you've got a case of the bugs. Give Spybot a pass on your machine, then Comodo. You may have to boot into Safe Mode for them to install properly.

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