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Mac Mini - Headless Media Server

FallingmanFallingman Registered User regular
So I have an old Mac Mini that I use as a media centre.
I've used it in the past and control it purely with my MBP over the Wireless Network. I've had it all in storage for a while now, but am looking to get everything set up again this weekend.

My question is this:
What's the best power saving settings that I can use? Do I have to tell it to never sleep, so that it's always available over my network? Ideally it would sleep and wake when I need it - so currently I tell it to turn off the HD when it can (does it ever if it never 'sleeps'?) but tell it to never sleep.

What's the difference, power consumption wise?

I tried ticking the option that tells it to wake for admin LAN access, but when it sleeps, it disappears from my finder, and so I cant control the screen, or mount it.

I cant be the first to wonder this... surely?

Fallingman on
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