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Xbox 360 surround sound headsets

truck-a-saurastruck-a-sauras Registered User regular
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In order to keep my gaming habits quieter at night I'd like to move to a headset.

I'd love something that seamlessly translates my home theater and straps it on my head. What I'm looking for out of a headset.

What I need:

Xbox 360 compatible (microphone also)
Surround sound (again for 360 gaming and spatial awareness)
will be watching movies also on the 360
Probably need to be $300 or less
Comfortable for long gaming sessions

Optional and would be very nice to have:

The Turtle Beach X4's really seemed to fit all my criteria, but haven't been getting kind words/reviews from what I've read. I'd rather not spend $200 on a sub-par item even if it does match exactly what I'm looking for. But again most of this is just personal opinion on the net and I've seen varying accounts.

The Astro A40's seem to be the way to go, but they are wired. They have glowing reviews everywhere which is encouraging.

Does anybody here have any experience with either of these or other surround sound headsets? I am a master of overkill and probably don't need headphones that are more expensive than the 360 itself. Anybody fall in love with any cheaper headsets out there?

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    RUNN1NGMANRUNN1NGMAN Registered User regular
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    A good set of 2-ch headphones will sound a lot better than "surround sound" headphones, and you'll still get the separation of the different environmental noises. It's kind of hard to explain without you seeing for yourself, but it's true. I'm sure someone here knows more about headphones than I do, but the drivers they put in those surround sound headphones are crap compared to the ones in a good 2-ch set.

    I use a pair of Sennheiser 201's that I plug into my receiver and they sound great. Got them for about $20 off of Amazon.

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