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DMI Pool Data not verifying

Spoom182Spoom182 Registered User regular
I'm starting to feel kind of bad about stinking up these boards with my ineptitude, but once again I'm screwed.

I just got a new graphics card. After a long period of using a spare mac while my PC sat around on the floor, I installed it. I turn on my computer, it shows the BIOS perfectly fine. Usually I see the BIOS for a bit because I don't have a floppy drive and it informs me that the "floppy drives fail" or something. After hitting F1, my computer usually boots. This isn't the case now.

The boot sequence hangs at "Verifying DMI Pool Data". I looked it up online and it looks like this is due to the hard drives not being connected correctly (and also CD drives if you have to boot off that, but since that isn't the case here I don't think it's the problem). One of them didn't have power, but I plugged it in and it still won't work. I've unconnected, dusted off and reconnected the SATA ports. I am at a loss, I've never had to deal with this before and have no idea where to go from here. Which is why, once again, I turn to you, penny-arcade. Guide me.

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