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Size Matters

GordanGordan Registered User regular
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Hi guys,

I have a question regarding photoshop. I'd like to know how big is (in pixels) the image Gabe works on for the strip. I know it's 600dpi, but I'm curious about pixel size.

I'm asking because I've noticed that if I ink on a huge image (say 6000px wide at 600dpi) the brush looks too "mechanical".
If instead I work on a 1:1 pixel ratio (meaning the hi-dpi version having the same pixel-size as the final raster image or just a bit bigger) it looks more "natural" and I can ink as I wish.

The only side-effect with a smaller image is that when you zoom-in you got pixelation (but it's not a problem tbh).

here's an image to show you what i mean:

Thank you ;-)

EDIT: i think i should have posted this in the sticky sorry

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