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Multiple Outputs for Multiple Programs

WhirloWhirlo Registered User regular
Thanks for clicking, I had a quick question about how to handle the outputs for specific programs on my computer.

TLDR: How can I hear Firefox through the speakers and Ventrilo through the Headphones?

I have Windows Vista Home Edition, I need to hear and speak in Ventrilo and have firefox play my netflix through my speakers.

Here's what I tried so far, to no avail. I set the speakers as the default output device and started firefox, and started watching my show, and started up Ventrilo. In Ventrilo's settings I have my USB Headphones selected as the output device. problem being, the sound comes out of my speakers (or, more to the point, the default output device whichever that was when I started the program) ignoring my settings.

I have my video card connected with this beast of a DVI to HDMI cable that runs from the computer to my flat screen. I mention this cable because it is the reason I can't just have the audio come from the TV. I extend the desktop and drag the movie over to the TV and maximize it. I love this setup and so does my wife who typically watches Netflix movies while I raid.

Any suggestions would be great!

Edit: I have onboard mobo sound card that I disabled, a soundcard I installed myself (some soundblaster $30 crap) that i use as my primary sound, the speakers are a regular headphone jack type deal and the headset is USB

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  • Bob SappBob Sapp Registered User regular
    edited April 2009
    I'm pretty sure the only way it'll work is if Ventrilo lets you set which sound driver to use. Then you could set it to use the onboard sound, while the rest of your computer uses the SoundBlaster. You'd have to enable the onboard sound, and set the SoundBlaster as your primary sound device in Windows.

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