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Lossy high-speed connection (college)

OboroOboro __BANNED USERS regular
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I get intermittent problems with my connection in my dorm room, and I have a friend on the same network but in a different room who does not experience these problems so I want to rule out the possibility they're on my side.

The connection becomes unbearably lossy-- it's not that it's necessarily slow, it still performs at decent speed for most mundane tasks. However, I can't do things like play WoW or run a download because it will consistently have a spurt of totally lost connection and time out. My average ping on WoW right now is about 1800, but looking at it in detail there are moments when it's 90.

Pinging other machines on the network is 100% loss, pinging the router is 75-100% as well. Netstat reports no packet traffic, but a growing number of errors and unknown protocols.

Repairing the connection or otherwise through Windows (i.e., the simple solutions) does nothing.

Ideas on at least how to prove if this problem is my side or theirs, and if it has been proven already, why?

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    PiRaTe!!!PiRaTe!!! Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Judging by what you have said, it sounds like the cause is probably your network card. You could try uninstalling then reinstalling the network card. If that doesn't work then try plugging the ethernet cord in to another computer (if you have another one) and see if it has the same problem, or if you have a spare network card, switch them out and then give it a try.

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    khainkhain Registered User regular
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    I'm going with your computer or something you put between your computer and their router. If it was actually the router then a lot more people would be having problems as more than one computer, more likely the whole floor, is connected to it. The only other thing I can think of is that either your cat5 cable or theirs is bad, however this usually doesn't result in intermittent results, its usually either dead or consistently doing something.

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