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Sick, Sleep, School

AcesAces Registered User regular
edited December 2006 in Help / Advice Forum
Okay, before anyone asks, I've been to a doctor. While a roomate of mine has pneumonia, and I told the doctor so, she said that I did not, it was merely a virus... or something. I was given cough medicine... and an inhaler. She said I had a little trouble breathing, but not much. I've had a mucus-y cough for about three weeks now, with headaches on and off, night sweats, and just about 5 minutes ago, vomiting.

To add to the fire: last friday we had the fire alarm go off at 5 am, and i didn't get to sleep til 630ish (I have a history of sleep problems, I took a semester off for it, I also have sleep pills- 3mg lunesta, as well as clonazepam, an anxiety pill) and didn't get up till about 330. Saturday, same thing, fire alarm at 5, and I don't get to sleep till about 7. I get up at about 4.

Last night, for whatever reason, I didn't go to bed till like 6, and today I got up at oh about 5, and slept through my classes. Tomorrow I have class at 9, and don't know what I should do.

A little background: I eat pretty healthy, exercise-wise I at least bike for 30 mins a day, and also lift. I'm 19, 6'2, 185.

I want to get back into a good schedule. I think being sick is contributing to my odd sleep patterns, but I know most of it is my fault. So any advice? What do I do?

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    cmsamocmsamo Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Almost this exact time last year I had a similar thing. I was away with work and was ill. I would wake up sweating, and feel like death all day. When I got home I went to the doctor who said I'd caught flu. In the UK we have man-flu which is what people say they have when they think they've got real flu. This one was the real deal. I was on my back for a week. Sweating and unable to sleep properly. I also got a chest infection due to my weak immune system. The cough stayed for 2 months and I was on antibiotics for maybe a month.

    It's possible you could have a similar thing I guess. The only thing that got rid of it for me was a week of lying on my sofa doing nothing, and sleeping whenever I could. I felt better after that.

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