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What to do in ... ? (Amsterdam edition)

Alfred J. KwakAlfred J. Kwak is it because you were insultedwhen I insulted your hair?Registered User regular
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I mean, beside the obvious. We're going to visit my brother in Amsterdam in two weeks for the second time, and the first time around we had quite a bit of downtime between doing things, so this time I'd like to plan ahead. We've already been to the Rijksmuseum, did a boat tour, went cycling in the countryside for a day, been to Wallabe Land (an amusement park in the Netherlands) and went to the beach. We're also looking for good and effortable bars or restaurants, if someone knows any.

And yes, I'm fully aware that there's already been a recent thread on the very same topic, but I'd líke hear your advice anyway.

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    TinuzTinuz Registered User regular
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    Hmmm, check out the Albert Kuijp Market, that should kill a few hours.

    A nice bar is 'Gollem', if you like specialty beer that is, it's off of the Spui straat in an alley next to a bakery with a white facade (just google it). A single beer is about 3 euros, but they're all specialty, so it's pretty decent.

    If you're a student, the national theater has a really good deal on shows. You can only get tickets 1.5 hours before the start, and only if they're left...but they go for 10 euros.

    Also, if your brother lived there for some time, he should know a few places.

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