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Overclocking CPU and RAM

CalebrosCalebros a k a TimesNewPwninRegistered User regular
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When you overclock your CPU and change your FSB and stuff, is there a certain ratio that RAM voltage or speed should be? I'm not too brushed up on the overclocking thing, I'm kinda just going buy what a bunch of people in the reviews for my parts on newegg said they've done safely. Really what I wanna know is, if my CPU is now running 3.4 and the FSB is 340, is it safe to run my RAM at around 888 or 900 (RAM is rated by factory as 800mhz and 4-4-4-12)? Or is there a formula for optimal clock speed on RAM based on CPU?

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  • proXimityproXimity Registered User regular
    edited May 2009
    There's no real formula for optimal clock speed... except faster is better ;). Really, when you're overclocking, you need to go for stability more than anything (an unstable system is unusable). Make sure to look up the recommended voltage for your ram, the voltage has a major factor in the stability. For example, the DDR2 spec calls for 1.8v, but my ram is rated at 2.2v, and that's what I run it at, especially because it's overclocked. As you increase the clock speed, though, you may want to ease off on the timings.

    I see that your ram is rated at 4-4-4-12, which is pretty good, so I'm assuming it's high performance memory. It'll probably have no problems at 888-900, as long as you make sure you're running the right voltage and possibly back the timings off to 5-5-5-12, though that might not be necessary.

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  • CalebrosCalebros a k a TimesNewPwnin Registered User regular
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    Yeah it's pretty nice RAM. G.skill 2x2gb. Was cheap too, like $40. Huge heatsinks on it and its all shiny and stuff. I'll try putting it up to 900 and see where that gets me. Some people were saying it wouldn't go past 830 happily but the majority said it hit a wall around 930 so i'll see what happens.

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