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[Access] Your Inner Strengths! (MS Office Thread)

1ddqd1ddqd Registered User regular
Ok, so there's an Excel thread, but for general info and questions, I felt this should be created.

The problem is that, while familiar with the common tasks in most Office applications, there's simply no set place to discuss any specific issues or questions. This is the place for them.

For instance, (I'll go first), I'm trying to create a database in Access that's linked to a SQL server loaded with info. I want to make a form that you enter an ID number and then hit "OK" - once you hit OK, it brings up the product and shows you information from another table stored locally in the database.

What's the easiest way to do that? Build a query that finds this, then build a form based on that?

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    DiannaoChongDiannaoChong Registered User regular
    edited May 2009
    Well, you have some options depending on what kind of rights you have for what you are doing.

    My suggestion is if you know VB well enough, do the entire thing in VB, and make the access DB into SQL. theres alot of caveats to that and may not be the easiest solution.

    "Next best" would probably be VBA inside access with a form.

    To clarify, you have X information localy, and Y information on sql server remotely, and you want them to intertwine? Building a form with input to a access query to pull in x and y info at once would probably be the best scenario. If something goes wrong, vba to pull the sql info, and then the seperate query in access info could work, if you need failsafes (one server isnt up, or if theres a posibility of one side not having a matchup) If you need more info on this, I could go into it.

    You are definately on the right track.

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    1ddqd1ddqd Registered User regular
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    Actually, I'm trying to convince the bosses that prioritizing a complete overhaul would be a good idea and a smart allocation of resources.

    We have over 300 databases all independent and poorly linked. It's a nightmare to do any datamining, especially since most of the Access databases used by employees are broken...

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