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Massagers that you don't put up your hoo-hah

CrystalMethodistCrystalMethodist Registered User regular
edited June 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
My girlfriend gets a lot of soreness/tightness in this band on her hamstring area, especially when she goes out on runs or long walks. I was thinking about getting her a massager for her birthday, but I'm having trouble finding one that isn't a dildo.

Any suggestions?

CrystalMethodist on


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    JebusUDJebusUD Adventure! Candy IslandRegistered User regular
    edited June 2009
    maybe you should get her a massage for her birthday and suggest she stretch more before she goes running.

    JebusUD on
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    kaliyamakaliyama Left to find less-moderated fora Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    You're better off getting her a sports massage or a PT session, and then a piece of curved/cylindrical foam she can roll her muscles over. Any massagers, especially electrical ones, are likely to have more efficacy in relaxation than getting rid of muscle tightness - that's a job for stretching, either before or after running.

    kaliyama on
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    Mojo the AvengerMojo the Avenger Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    Yeah, google myofascial release and spring for a proper massage.

    Mojo the Avenger on
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    RUNN1NGMANRUNN1NGMAN Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    The Stick. Seriously, these things are awesome. Also, google "IT band soreness" and see if that describes what she is experiencing. It's pretty common, and there are some popular stretches using foam rollers for relieving it.

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    GafotoGafoto Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    Yeah, she wants a Foam Roller for that type of thing. Stretching out after the workout helps quite a bit too.

    Gafoto on
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