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I'm ready to get a laptop! There's just one problem...

MarthMarth Registered User regular
So I'm getting a laptop for uni and it's down to two choices. I only really need internet, office and photoshop and I can get at least 3 GB of RAM for cheap. I could customize a 15 inch Dell this week with 4 GB for $550, or I could buy this Lenovo with 3 GB for $450. The two are basically the same, save for the RAM.

I want to have a laptop that I know will perform at least good for the next 3 years. Would springing for the Dell be worth it in the long run, or is the difference between 3 and 4 GB of RAM not enough to justify the extra money?

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    exoplasmexoplasm Gainfully Employed Near Blizzard HQRegistered User regular
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    1 GB of RAM won't make a difference for your use.

    Choose based on resolution, screen type/size, hard drive space, processor speed, and graphics chip (you won't be able to play any games on any Intel graphics chips).

    Lenovo's Thinkpad line is known for build quality. Dell generally is not. The non-Thinkpads I don't know about.

    And RAM is cheap, you can get a laptop with 1GB RAM and spend $50 on 4GB RAM.

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