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Just Cause 2: Like Bionic Commando and Crysis with the crazy ramped up x1000

subediisubedii Registered User regular
edited June 2009 in Games and Technology
That description will probably mean little to you. Truth be told this game wasn't on my radar at all. Just watch the freaking game walkthrough.

Highlights: 4:40, 5:15, 7:15, and pretty much everything he shows off during the chase sequence.

Mind. Blown.

The parachute and infinite grappling hook look like pretty awesome tools, but combined with the fluid gunplay / movement, judicious use of remote C4, attaching objects to other objects, and a vast, seamless open world locale, this looks like something way, way out there. It's the kind of stuff you sometimes wish devs would focus on more instead of silly things like "realism". It's like if Robert Rodriguez decided to direct a game, you can imagine it'd be something like this.

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