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I Need of Stress Relief

Mr. QuarkMr. Quark __BANNED USERS regular
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Long story short, I've been through a torrent of annoying exams recently and am in desperate need of something to do to relieve all the stress I've got bottled up as a result of the aforementioned exams. Ideas?

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    DunxcoDunxco Should get a suit Never skips breakfastRegistered User regular
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    A little more information might be helpful. For example, where do you live? A good way to blow off some excess steam could be working out, taking up a sport/martial art (I boxed for a little after my exams with a local teen group when I was 16, worked wonders for the pent-up stress). Or, if you live more in the country, go for a long walk or hike. You'd be surprised how effective taking yourself out of built-up areas and away from means to socialise with people, and just head back to nature. It's quite cathartic from my experience. Where I live is pretty much orchards and farmlands, so I just head down there with some music and/or a book and chill for a few hours.

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