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  • Big ClassyBig Classy Registered User regular
    I'm blind but I know I hit the post reply button once. That said, its hardly a big issue, I just wish there was a delete post button.
    So I can save myeself the embarassment :lol:

    Back on topic, I'd love a more open world, though I have no idea how it would play out in reality.

  • klemmingklemming Registered User regular
    Arteen wrote:
    multiplayer racing through the city would be amazingly fun.

    what i really want is for dice to playtest the SHIT out of ME2, though. a lot of points in ME1 it felt like only the level designer knew where you should go, and it was literally trial and error before you figured it out, even with the vaunted red runner vision.
    I played through the first time with runner vision off and loved it. It felt a lot like Portal, where every segment was a puzzle.

    yeah, i eventually got that vibe, but i wanted more flow. parkour (to my layperson's mind) is all about movement and momentum, not 'oh shit i'm being shot at WHERE THE FUCK DO THEY WANT ME TO GOOOOOOO' :P

    More levels like level 1, then.
    I loved that level, just because even when I didn't know all the tricks I picked up later, I was still moving forwards, and it still felt like I was managing awesome stuff, even if it was terrible on reflection.
    (Just for fun, try going through levels without taking all the shortcuts you've learned. Running around obstacles. Using the stairs rather than the wall. I'm completely incapable of doing it.)

    Nobody remembers the singer. The song remains.
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