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WoD Mods

monsterrormonsterror HEY ASSBUTTRegistered User regular
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Lately, with our main storyteller leaving soon, my gaming crew have been kicking around some ideas. Because none of us know nearly as much about the Vampire universe as our storyteller, we're thinking about making mods of the game to fit more towards what we do know.

We would still be using the WoD system, but just putting our own spin on it.

For instance, one of our guys is trying to make a zombie survival mod, where everyone starts as a mortal, when zombies attack. Like in the movies, if you get bitten, you turn into a zombie.

But that's not what I'm asking about.

What I'm asking about is a superhero mod. True, I could just buy Champs, but I'm broke, and we don't feel like learning a new system right now.

The only idea I really have right now is for archetypes.

Technology/Gadgets - Use a modded Mortals sheet.
Naturals - Use an unmodded Mortals sheet.
Mutants - Use a modded Vampire sheet.
Magicals - Use a modded Mage sheet.
Aliens - Probably use a modded Mortals sheet as well.

Anyone else have any ideas for things such as Ability replacements, system mods, new backgrounds, etc?

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    PkmoutlPkmoutl Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    I suggest going to RPG.NET and downloading one of their free systems.

    To be honest, WoD isn't a very good system to jump genres with.

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