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Help with contents Insurance (UK)

Mr_GrinchMr_Grinch Registered User regular
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Ok, so my macbook has just bitten the dust. I keep it under the sofa so I can get to it easily but, whilst moving some furniture, I knocked a cup of water (nearly empty) on the ground and it soaked in to the macbook. At first I thought it was ok because there wasn't much water there but then the macbook stopped charging and some of the keys on the right have ceased to function.

My applecare doesn't cover water damage but I was hoping my Contents Insurance would. I'm no good at these types of things though. This is the cover I have:

I have the standard cover. I can't get hold of them till Monday but was hoping someone may be able to interpret the above and let me know if I'm likely to have any luck.

Cheers folks.

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