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[UO] Divinity - The 3 R's: Runes, Regs, and Rape

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The not neon & not trammel alternative to Hybrid server.

A T2A era server but without the T2A. Base old world with no mounts, no Trammel, no problems. Increased skill gain for combat skills to get people into the action quick but crafting is kept slow so as to avoid everyone and their mother having a mule. Magic weapons and armor have a very low drop rate and are kept rare to keep the playing field pretty even on GM craft terms and make someone with a vanq a real bad ass.(I don't even think anyway has a vanq yet anyway. Much less a good vanq weapon.)

Some pictures of the havoc my crew are dishing out. There are guilds of role playing orcs and unfortunately for them we found out where they live.


As seen above there are some role playing guilds pirates, orcs, dwarves. Along with the typical Order vs Chaos in the towns and Buc's Den is always hopping at night. 1v1 2v2 tournaments at least twice a week. GM events pretty often.

For those that are completely new to the game there is a NEW guild run by old vet players built to get you accustomed to the game and get you a good start. Look for Festus at the West Brit Bank to get in there.

Check it out.

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