Digital Download of Blood Bowl PC - Starts Tonight!

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Wow, nice announcement from Focus today.

The emails offering pre-downloads were supposed to get out yesterday, but they were delayed (the game was supposed to be allowed to play starting Thursday evening).. so they gave us this instead:

Blood Bowl View topic - About pre-downlaod!

Hello everyone,

After reporting all your demands concerning the pre-download of Blood Bowl, here’s what your favorite Goblinette brought you back from the locker room! It was tough to find these information… I had to pay some bugmans for my team-mates, bribe the referee and even hire one or two wizards… but in the end, I got these precious answers!

You have a been a lot of fans to pre-order the game, that is why in order to skip endless queues , we decided to start sending important e-mails on the 24th of June midnight (Paris time).
In these e-mails, you will find a link to download the game and an activation key. If you were among the first ones to pre-order the game, you will be among the first ones to receive it! Waves of 500 e-mails will be sent every hour, so you will be able to download, install and play Blood Bowl as soon as your e-mail arrives.

Have a nice evening and thank you everyone for being that patient.

So, starting in about.. five-six hours, the download AND activation keys will be sent out. I can't wait.. so I decided to create this thread :)

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