Bandwidth limited?

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Hi. I got my new computer today, installed XP 64-bit on it, and installed all the drivers for everything on it. It's working great.

But when I try to download stuff from the internet (say, downloading SP2 while downloading games on Steam), the total combined download speed will top out at around 120 kbp/s. If I download one at a time they top out at about this speed.

I've already turned QoS packet scheduling off. Is there anything else that can cause this behavior? I'm in a rented house, but I'm paying for the internet - could my ISP be limiting how much I can download at one time, and is there a way around this?

Or is it just the fact that 8:30 on a weekday is peak hours?


EDIT: Right now I'm concluding that this is either my modem, my router, or the ISP being a dick and trying to limit traffic; I turned on my laptop and tried to download a large file and (hey, what do you know!) it downloaded very slowly.

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    Try a speedtest like this one, see how much bandwidth you're getting up and down. Do you recall what speed internet you are paying for?
    120 kilobytes per second = 960 kilobits per second, which is roughly 1 Mbps.

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    Any neighbors or roomies downloading stuff while you are?

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