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I have taken about a 6 month break from EVE ...basically got ticked off with the all powerful BOB empire and unballanced ooc stuff bob seemed to have ... bob is dead now and you killed em ... well goon did ... anyway ... might be tempted to return to eve if I can join your corp ... you seem to have the right attitude.

any chance of a chat (email rick_garland_@hotmail.com) wanna know I have a decent home before I re-activate my account.

main - 45mil sp ... minmatar/amarr pilot ... indi/PvE/Pvp (in that order) cap ships ... t2 cruisers / command ships
bod roid
alt - 30mil sp - minmatar/cald - indi support ... gang leader ... command ships
Tau bei

oh and I'm from the UK

hope to hear something back off someone


bod on


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    Son, you should feel ashamed.

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