Games you loved, but never finished

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So, what games have people bought, played, and completely adored only to be suddenly distracted by "important" real life events?

I have a HUGE collection of these games...

Final Fantasy VI, despite being one of my favourite games and possibly my favourite Final Fantasy I have never finished. I reached Kefka's tower at a reasonable level with all the characters (plus the bonus ones) and then.... stopped. Ico is another game that I went searching for as soon as I finished Shadow of the Colossus. It didn't grab me as SotC did, but I still found the art direction and fluid feeling of control appealing - yet again I just quit for no reason I can recall.

What games has anyone else enjoyed only to suddenly just forget about?

This is my first post AND first thread. I appreciate there might already be a similar thread, I did a search but didn't encounter one.

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    Satanic JesusSatanic Jesus Hi, I'm Liam! with broken glassesRegistered User regular
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    Psychonauts. Just saved one day and never went back. It wasn't even to play another game. I should go back to it. Such a great game.

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    MrMonroeMrMonroe passed out on the floor nowRegistered User regular
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    the moral of the story is I didn't really love it

    Though I hated Fallout 3 the first time and I am loving it now. Does that count?

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    BehemothBehemoth Compulsive Seashell Collector Registered User regular
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    Man, most games I own. Off the top of my head:

    Killzone 2
    Jade Empire

    And many, many others. I am terrible at finishing games, I just lose steam towards the end and then something more interesting comes out.

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    EchoEcho ski-bap ba-dapModerator mod
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    Nice poll thread we have here.

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