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Okay, so I just put together an HTPC for the bedroom, and it's running Windows 7 RC. Its purpose will be to run Windows Media Center, and the Hulu Desktop software to stream movies and music. Using a mouse and keyboard for these functions is not ideal, so I'm looking for free solutions to my problem. I may or may not have an IR receiver somewhere. I also have some remote controls. What I don't have is a remote and IR set that is meant to work together.

I have an Xbox 360 Media Center Remote, I also have an Apple Remote. I need to search around in boxes to see if I have any kind of IR receiver. Assuming I can find one, is there any software that lets me use any remote with a receiver?

If that doesn't work, I also have a bluetooth dongle I can use. Could I use a Wiimote for these purposes? Same with the PS3 controller, but when I looked at instructions to use that it didn't seem to work too well. I have an IR remote for the PS3 with dongle, could I use that (I'll need to plug it in to check, and I'm at work at the moment)?

I also have a 3rd party PS3 controller that uses a USB dongle to connect wirelessly, I've used it as a PC controller before, I suppose I could remap it to use similar functions for a media center that allows me to browse and select items, go back, and change volume?

Finally, what about remotes over WiFi? I have an iPod Touch which has an app to control iTunes wirelessly, is there something similar for that or any other device that works in a more generic fashion suitable to multiple media center suites?

Thanks for any help, my hope is someone will recognize a solution using things I already own.

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    I don't have an answer for you, but man a really well done app that for an ipod touch/iphone to work over wifi as a htpc remote would be awesome.

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    Look up eventghost, I *think* this will work for you though it might require some setup. There are templates for media center out there I believe.

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    Yep EventGhost should do whatever you need - you can probably just find a template for what you need, and if not you can just program your remote events to correspond to keypresses.

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