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So friends, my current laptop is getting old, its been 3 years since I got her and I think its time to send her on to greener pastures.
So I need a new laptop to flit about with. As it stands I want to do lots of gaming with it, as a baseline I wanna be able to run things like Team Fortress 2 and, if it can be managed, that fancy new Aion game I've been hearing about.

I started looking around on my own but damn if I am ever bad at understanding tech specs and the way in which I can "customize" my dell.

So what sort of thing can you recommend for me to look at, prebuilts would be the best (unless getting a kit of some kind is dirt cheap in comparison for the same or greater effect)?

I was looking at a macbook, but i don't know about if the integrated nvidea card is worth a damn or not.

Also, I'm currently using a nice 17", how workable is a 13.3? Or would the 15.6" the only way to go? (I would like to stay away from 17" again, its a little too hefty).

And now, finally, the question that is bound to be asked is my price range. And well, I currently have little money, so under a grand would be fantastic, under 1500$ is mandatory.

Please and thanks for the help!

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  • Shazkar ShadowstormShazkar Shadowstorm Registered User regular
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    imho 13.3" is best
    very usable
    portable actually, for real

    and maybe if you saved a few bucks here or there you could get an external monitor for home usage

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