clearspring flash element on all threads?

AldoAldo Hippo HoorayRegistered User regular
Hey, I've got flashblock running, otherwise I probably wouldn't have noticed it. But every time I read a thread the following flash element wants to load: http://bin.clearspring.com/at/v/1/button1.6.swf A quick search shows that it's a widget to share shit with your facebook friends.

What was wrong with the previous version of this sharing thing?

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    GrobianGrobian What's on sale? Pliers!Registered User regular
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    In 2008 Add This, LLC was acquired by Clearspring Technologies, the leading widget network connecting publishers and advertisers to audiences on the social Web.
    (from http://www.addthis.com/about )

    And their FAQ sort of answers why they have the flash file: http://www.addthis.com/help/faq#flash_cookies
    Why is the AddThis menu loading a tiny Flash file?

    The menu uses Flash to get an accurate count of unique users of your AddThis Menu for usage reporting. No personal information is collected.

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    victor_c26victor_c26 Chicago, ILRegistered User regular
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    I don't have "Addthis" installed (Whatever that is), and I'm getting this too.


    This looks like it's on the PA forums server.

    EDIT: Oh I see, so it actually is installed on the forums on purpose. Never really noticed the "share" link on the bottom.


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    It's been so long since I've posted here, I've removed my signature since most of what I had here were broken links. Shows over, you can carry on to the next post.
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